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After an accident, people tend to make the mistake of only considering the quality of their attorney.  All too often, people fail to equally consider their auto injury treatment options and fail to seek specialized Auto Accident care.  When this happens, patients will end up having nagging pains and injuries because the treatment they received was not adequate for their auto injury.  So chose your attorney wisely to make sure you are protected financially.  But you also need to chose your Auto Injury Treatment Clinic wisely to make sure you health is equally protected.  

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If you’ve just been in an accident, do not wait to seek treatment.  The longer you wait the worse the injury can become.  Give us a call now so we can immediately get you started with the healing process.


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If the answer you’re looking for isn’t listed below, please call us at 405-842-3413 and we will be happy to answer any question you have.

We will work with your insurance company and your attorney if you have one so that you never have to pay for anything out of pocket.  Accidents injuries are difficult.  Paying for the care you need should not be.

To get an immediate appointment please call the office right now at 4-5-842-3413 and we will get you scheduled ASAP at the location closest to you.

Auto accidents, even if it's a small fender bender, transfer a tremendous amount of force to the body.  The body was not designed to handle such force and unique injuries requiring special care are the result.  Don't make the mistake of not choosing a specialized accident care clinic.

In order to answer this question you will need to have an exam so that we can identify your individual needs for the injury you have experienced.  Our treatment protocols are comprehensive and ensure that nothing will be lacking with your healing journey.

Numerous studies have shown that the damage done to the vehicle has no relationship to the injuries experienced by the passengers.  This is a well studied topic and the conclusions are always the same:  If you've been in an accident and don't feel like you were injured, you still need to be examined by qualified accident care specialists.  

It is important to be examined by an accident care specialist right away.  Your attorney will thank you lated for taking immediate steps to document your injuries.  Your body will also be very appreciative when you receive the appropriate health care necessary for optimum recovery.

Emergency rooms are only interested in treating life threatening injuries and will release you as soon as they have made a determination that there are no such injuries.  They are not trained in how to diagnose injuries that can persist for the rest of your life if not treated properly at a specialized Auto Injury Clinic.

The injuries commonly experienced in car accidents often do not manifest until days after an accident.  This is because a lot of the injuries are in the soft and such injuries take time to produce pain because of the build-up of inflammation.  Regardless of the absence of immediate pain, you still need to seek a specialist that is trained in the proper diagnosis of auto accident injuries.