Pain Management

Pain Management


Acute pain begins suddenly and in response to an auto accident injury and is often sharp in feeling. It is likened to the body’s warning system signaling something is wrong. Most times, acute pain is quickly resolved, although by definition it may last 3 to 6 months.

Types of Pain Treated
•    Failed Back Syndrome
•    Facet Joint Arthralgia
•    Cervical Pain
•    Lumbar Pain
•    Radicular Pain Syndrome
•    Occipital Neuralgia
•    Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
•    Peripheral Nerve Injury
•    Nerve Root Injury
•    Myofascial Pain
•    Knee Pain
•    Shoulder Pain

Treatments for Pain
•    Epidural Steroid Injections
•    Trigger Point Injections
•    Spinal Cord Stimulation
•    Radio-Frequency Thermal Ablation
•    Facet Joint Blocks
•    Sympathetic Nerve Blocks

What if I need pain management or orthopedic care?
We have pain management and orthopedic surgeon referrals available if necessary.

You have the right to choose by who and where you are treated for your auto accident injuries.  You don’t have to drive across town for treatment because with 5 metro locations to conveniently treat your auto accident injuries, you have options.