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auto accidents

Have you or someone you know been in a car accident? We can help. We can schedule same day appointments with evening and Saturday appointments available. Too often people don’t seek treatment following a car accident because they don’t feel hurt. By far, the most common injury to the neck is a whiplash injury.Whiplash is caused by a sudden movement of the head, either forwards, backwards, or sideways, that results in the damage to the supporting muscles, ligaments and other connective tissues in the neck and upper back.

Car accidents can also cause damage to other parts of the body, including but not limited to the upper back, middle back, lower back, pelvis, legs, arms, and shoulders. Even if you do not feel hurt right after the accident, it is very common to develop pain three to five days after the occurrence.


Why should I visit OKC Wellness?
Don’t make the mistake of not getting seen by a physician quickly after an auto accident. We have medical and chiropractic doctors on staff to make treatment more convenient for you. You get medical professionals working side-by-side with Chiropractic care and rehabilitative treatment all in the same location.

We have MD’s, DO’s, DC’s, an orthopedic surgeon and a pain management specialist available.

Can I afford auto injury care?
Most claims are paid 100% by insurance at no cost to you.


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Auto Injury Treatment

How quickly can I book an appointment?
Same day, evening & Saturday appointments are available.

What if I need X-Rays, an MRI or a CT Scan?
We have X-ray on site and MRI & CT referrals available.

Will I receive medication for my injuries?
On your initial visit a medical physician will perform an exam and write you a prescription if needed.

What if I need pain management or orthopedic care? 
We have pain management and orthopedic surgeon referrals available if necessary.


You have the right to choose by who and where you are treated for your auto accident injuries.  You don’t have to drive across town for treatment because you can choose who treats you. With 5 metro locations to conveniently treat your auto accident injuries, you have options.


Auto Accident & Personal Injury Care

Be careful. Often you may be injured and not know it. Did you know that injuries such as whiplash usually may not show any symptoms for hours, days or weeks later? OKC Wellness agrees with medical professionals that the first 72 hours after an accident are the most critical and a time treatment can be the most effective. If you have been injured in an auto accident or another type of accident it is important to seek medical attention immediately. Your injuries will not heal themselves with time– they require proper medical attention.

The majority of injuries from automobile accidents occur at speeds of 6-12 MPH. Your car might not show much damage, but your body might. A soft-tissue injury is permanent, as scar tissue can form in your muscles leaving them less flexible and prone to re-injury in the future if you don’t receive treatment. Attorneys recommend acting quickly so you may preserve your legal rights. Get prompt medical treatment; otherwise you may get benefits denied or limited.

In most cases treatment can cost you nothing out of pocket, even if it’s your fault or you don’t have any health insurance. If you are not injured you can sleep better at night knowing you had an extensive exam and x-rays and found out everything was fine. Statistics show the longer you wait for treatment after you are injured, the longer it takes to heal and requires more treatments.

Top 10 Important Things to Remember

1- All car accidents have the potential to cause lifelong spinal and joint conditions that will cause pain and degenerative changes to the spine and joint.

2- Not all patients will feel the effects of the auto accidents immediately, some patients will not feel their pain up to 2 weeks later. WHY? Every person has a different body reaction to trauma. Some people have very delayed response and inflammatory cells can take several days to kick in and cause pain. Some patients take pain meds or OTCs and expect the injury will go away in 2 weeks. Not so, Pain meds do not treat the injury, they help you deal with the injury while you get proper therapy.

3- Waiting to get a proper evaluation can really hurt your chances of getting an insurance company adjustor to cover your claim. Don’t wait!! Opting to self treat is not an option to the adjustor. They do not care.

4- Always take photos of the accident scene. Be sure to take photos of the cars or vehicles involved. Your car may not have damage, but if the other car does have damage, then photos will show a jury and an adjustor that impact forces were present. At the end of the day, it does not matter how injured you feel. What matters to the adjustors is your property damage. Call the police, you will need a police report.

5- Never leave big gaps in your treatment plan or care. Adjustors that will pay for your care do not have to follow the law. They make the rules and if he/she feels that you skipped care, and therefore you were not really hurt, then they will give you a lot less for care. Not even your attorney can help you at this point.

6- If you are seeing another doctor or healthcare provider, and not getting better, get another opinion. In our office, we will refer you to other healthcare providers if you are not recovering as expected.

7- Will your insurance go up if you use your benefits? Maybe, or maybe not. Remember you pay for the policy, so use it or lose it. Keep in mind, if the police are called to the scene, the accident will show on your record anyways. And a little secret about insurance companies to remember is….. the increase in premiums mostly comes from the losses they incur across the U.S., not just from your accident. If in a one year period they pay out on a lot of claims, the next year they will raise your premium, even if you did not have a claim.

8- Never attempt to handle an auto accident claim on your own. Every patient I have had that attempted to do so was very unsuccessful. The insurance companies prey on your ignorance. Let us help you and guide you.

9- Be cautious of signing a check from the insurance company within 30 days of your accident that is to cover your medical expenses. I have had many patients do this and never realized the tricks the responsible party played on them. It’s very sad to learn you need care, and you will not be covered for that care. Most of my patients settle the car damages separately. Any legal questions about what to sign and when should always be directed to an attorney that has expertise in personal injury. We can help you find good Personal Injury attorneys.

10- Most importantly: It’s your spine. You will only be given one once. There is no replacing your spine, so make sure you take this injury seriously. And remember, we are here to help you recover fast.

Our office will see and treat pregnancy patients involved in car accidents.


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What People Say

  • This weekend, I was in Dallas for a wedding.. Standing on my feet for the entire event and after party really caused my lower back to be strained.. Along with that, the drive to Dallas took a toll on my back as well! I got to my appointment today and they could sense my pressure during the massage process.. Dr Muse and her great staff were able to work together to get me feeling better and I have been having a great day since!! Thanks so much guys!!

    Greg C.,

  • I have known Dr.Ashleigh Muse for several years. She has been treating me for chronic pain in my neck, back, and jaw. I was in a car accident about three years ago which left me with back and neck pain. I recently started having symptoms of TMJ,  after having dental work done. I was seeing a physician, a neurologist, an endontics, a dentist,and another neurologist. Still very little relief ,even more stress, and left terrified. I was told I could have permanent nerve damage, living in chronic pain for the rest of my life. I was a train wreck, and all I wanted was to feel good again. I began thearpy at the wellness clinic on a regular basis.Instead  of going when I "felt I needed to" . Dr. Muse saved my life, she has given me relief. The thearpy I receive reduced the pain to half, and I  finally feel like I have the energy to face this battle . I know it's not over and I have to work to feel like myself again, but now I know there is a solution, there is hope. I have been doing physical therapy, and tonight tried the pod for the first time. It was amazing!  It makes your body sweat all the toxins that are lingering. I felt as if I were walking on air when I got out. Every piece of me was relaxed. I will definitely be incorporating it into my health plan.  Thank you to everyone at the wellness clinic and especially to Dr. Muse for making me walk taller, straighter and stronger. 

    Anna C.,